Home of Katherine McLaughlin

  • Mclaughlin K House

Home of Katharine McLaughlin

14 South Street

Katherine (Kay) Glynn McLaughlin was a representative Irish-American woman who lived in the Gorham’s Corner area her whole life. She attended the Staples school (site G01) and participated in activities at the Fraternity House (site G01). Her first job in the 1940s was packing sardines (site G06). She was paid 25 cents a case (100 cans). She worked at many fish canning factories as they came and went out of business, sometimes working three jobs at once. Since canning was seasonal, she sometimes worked at the nearby Saco-Moc factory making moccasins. Another of her jobs was working in a clothespin factory, tending the machine that wrapped wire around the two halves of the clothespin. Katherine continued to work after marriage and brought up seven children and several grandchildren. She owned her house for more than 30 years and died at 81 in 2012.